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Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

Our mission:

Healthtechtransfer KG has set itself the goal of finding the best possible solutions for therapists, nurses, doctors, scientists and clinic directors, to provide best work who needs it most: The patient!

We exert ourselves with all our possibilities to relieve you in your professional everyday life, so that you can experience your private life a little bit more.

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

Healthcare experts

With our broad experience in the area of the health economy we provide all our motivation, all our knowledge and all our skills to transfer innovation to application.

We show respect and admiration to all the therapists, nurses and doctors!

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For your company

In times of a steadily decreasing number of specialists, increasing work density, uncertain hospital financing and rising patient numbers, we are looking for solutions that will enable you to ensure the quality of your healthcare.

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer KG

Experience and Approach

Innovation is essential

We see the development of innovative solutions as essential to the success of the company.

Market experience

With our longstanding respect with decision makers we know exactly what it needs to shorten your time for your market entrance.

To build up a new business unit or an innovative start-up is always interdisciplinary.

Interim management

We establish and develop your activities on the German and European market.
You need experts who provide their knowledge and network in the healthcare sector, to set up your business?
As an interim manager for your business development, we provide longstanding expertise for you in building up a powerful network from which you will benefit in the long term.

Corporate development

We can provide many years of professional experience in this field. To optimise and set up your company e.g. from corporate strategy to process controlling to sales, marketing and after sales.

Market access and distribution

Healthtechtranfer KG is able to act as your agent and take over the distribution of your innovative solutions in our target region Germany and Europe.

Our Partner: Lambda Health System

Identify – Treat and document impairments that cause functional limitations.

Intensive and selective training of all gait impairments as well as feedback for the patient are doubtlessly central elements of a successful rehabilitation.

An active-assisted, repetition-based and above all versatile mobilization from a very early stage are key elements to achieve the best possible outcome for  patients dentify.

The versatility of training and exergames ensure to target the patient needs and avoid boredom and frustration.

The Lambda can handle a patient every 30 minutes and allows a fast
return on investment because of the following principles:
More than 50  exercises in one solution, < 3 minutes set up times, highly limited surveillance possible, large patient population, for all the phases of rehabilitation, multiple users, physiotherapist, assistant, nurses, etc., intuitive and easy to operate,  Optimized for group therapies the Lambda offers 50+ customizable therapy modes with a 3 minutes setup.

Lambda Health and Healthtechtransfer KG:

A partnership that can train you to walk again!

Our Partner: Axinesis SA


Katrin Opitz, Head of therapy at Reha-Klinik „Hoher Fläming“:

At Oberlin Klinik „Hoher Fläming“, the shortage of skilled workers, innovation and digitalization are also drivers that have got an impact of the clinic’s future direction. In addition to these drivers, our aim is to continue to offer our patients and employees the high quality that our clinic is known for in the future. The REAtouch from Axinesis, with its wide range of applications and ease of use, helps us to meet these demands.


The innovative endeffector robot REAplan and the touchscreen REAtouch by Axinesis are being used in our arm studio with highly motivating flexible character and maximum utilisation to treat our patients with force level degree 0 to 5.

To increase cognitive attention and motor functionality it is impressive to see the degree of finesse with which the patients have to complete the exercises. The REAplan and the REAtouch by Axinesis make it possible to meet the high demand of our patients for therapeutic services.


Ullrich Thiel, Managing Director at Hellmuth & Thiel, Sensomotrik und Rehabilitation, GmbH:

The intuitive usability, short set-up time of less than two minutes, and multiple training options on all devices show that Axinesis‘ devices are the next generation of robotic systems on their way to therapy centers.“

Healthtechtransfer KG and AXINESIS SA:

We cooperate to expand occupational therapy!

Our Partner: Syrebo

Syrebo™ robotic glove for stroke patients combines soft robotic exoskeleton technology and neuroscience, integrates active training and passive training, covers all stages of hand rehabilitation, helps patients to relearn and recover hand motor functions via series of passive and active.

Patients like the therapy gloves of Syrebo much. We treated patients who lost functionality after stroke with active assisted modus and mirror training as well to bring back functionality. Studies have shown that single finger training can significantly improve the rehabilitation effect.

Single finger training is a characteristic function of the finger rehabilitation training device. Studies have shown that single finger training can significantly improve the rehabilitation effect.

Healthtechtransfer KG and SYREBO:

New mirror technology with a robotic glove

Our Partner: Armon Products

The Armon Edero is an arm support, especially designed for those who only have limited strength in their arms and hands, or for those that can only use their muscular strength for a limited time. This can be the result of a spinal cord injury, RSI /CANS, cerebral infarction, or one of the many muscular diseases.

The helparm Edero from Armon Products is used at Brandenburg Klinik Berlin-Bernau to treat patients with neurological diseases.
In combination with the Syrebo softexoskeleton, patients can specifically relearn how to grasp, lift and move objects.
The Edero is an easy-to-use aid to enable patients to participate actively in life again.

Together with the Armon Edero patients can be treated to gather support of the following:

Individuals with poor muscle tone in the arms, self-contained eating and drinking, ergonomic work, reducing the pressure on the arms/neck/shoulder in the static work

Healthtechtransfer KG and ARMON Products:

We cooperate to let therapist expand their treatments!

Healthtechtransfer KG: In Person


Matthias Hörr

Initiate and lead transfer of breakthrough scientific developments; manage and establish labs to start pilot production in collaboration with industry partners and scientific institutions.

Entrepreneur, Business Development Manager, Strategist and Start-Up Enthusiast with broad experiences in healthcare business.

20 years of experience in the healthcare industry; lead marketing & sales for innovations; design business-, finance- and riskplans.


Abraham Beckers

Multiple hands-on experiences in the conceptualization, design and implementation of green field operations as project manager, responsible of the integrated management system, LEAN expert, Site Manager and Managing Director.

International operational expertise in 3 PL and 4PL Supply Chain, Logistics, Distribution, Analytics. Recognized as Business Transformation professional with a track record in scaleup and standardization.




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