We transfer innovation to the market:


Axinesis, REAplan, Ergotherapie, Rehabilitation

Our reference:

Sascha Gawlitzek, Managing Director at Neuroaktiv Offenburg gGmbH, www.neuroaktiv-offenburg.de

With the REAplan, we can train movements of the upper extremities that are relevant to everyday life in a highly repetitive and motivating way for all participants.

The system can be used both individually and in combination with other occupational therapy systems.
The autoadaptive recording of the force as well as the intended distance is recorded in real time with a measuring frequency of 10 measurements per second and represent state of the art in rehab technology.

With this measurement accuracy as well as adjustable parameters such as resistance and movement speed, targeted treatments in passive, active-supportive and active modes are made possible.

REAplan is at the top of our list of investments in 2022.


REAtouch -

Our reference:

Ullrich Thiel, Managing Director at Hellmuth & Thiel, Sensomotrik und Rehabilitation, GmbH, www.hellmuth-thiel.de

The REAplan, the REAtouch and the REAtouch Lite have already been accepted by our therapy team into the daily treatment routine for our patients.

The intuitive usability, short set-up time of less than two minutes, and multiple training options on all devices show that Axinesis‘ devices are the next generation of robotic systems on their way to therapy centers.

The solid and detailed finish, the finished stage of development, and the loving design of the surface and haptic elements demonstrate the manufacturer’s expertise and commitment to its customers and patients.

It must be emphasized that the real-time graphical display as well as the exercise-related graphical and tabular evaluation of the individual treatments have a highly motivating effect on the patients and provide them with direct feedback on their current performance.

Our reference:

Frank S., Head of Therapy at a clinic for neurological as well as cardiological patients, Germany

„There are devices for which it is necessary to test them in our clinic as part of a trial order lasting several weeks.

Only then do we decide whether the device can be included in our treatment concept.

This trial order is not necessary for the REAplan and the REAtouch.

Due to their excellent workmanship and the wide range of possibilities for our neurological and cardiological patients, both devices represent a forward-looking addition to our arm laboratory and will be quickly integrated into our treatment concept.

The devices are set as an investment at our clinic in 2022.“

Healthtechtransfer KG is your partner of AXINESIS in Germany.

Experience and Approach

Novel Price, Valentin Volkov, MIPT, Healthtechtransfer, Matthias Hörr, Abraham Beckers

Innovation is essential

We see the development of innovative solutions as essential to the success of the company.

Market experience

With our longstanding respect with decision makers we know exactly what it needs to shorten your time for your market entrance.

To build up a new business unit or an innovative start-up is always interdisciplinary.

Solution Development

We provide our interdisciplinary experience and specialist market and technology knowledge.


Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

Restructuring – MBI – BIMBO

Our team get into a restructuring project with many years of interdisciplinary experience. After successful restructuring, we can continue to run the companies in a management capacity.

Corporate development

Corporate development is one of the main activities of Healthtechtransfer KG. We can provide many years of professional experience in this field. To optimise and set up your company e.g. from corporate strategy to process controlling to sales, marketing and after sales.

Interim Management

We bring ourselves into your organization and take responsibility for the successful development.


We take over the distribution of your innovative solutions in our target region Europe.


Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

We are healthcare experts with broad experience in the area of the health economy. With our experience we are in the position to realise great things for you.

We provide all our motivation, all our knowledge and all our skills to transfer innovation to application.

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

To provide best healthcare solutions for the one who needs it most: The Patient

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

We also know what it means to be highly concentrated in working the whole day and the whole night in an OP, to save life.

We know the hard physical work which must be performed by therapists and nurses in rehab center and nursing homes to make everyday life again possible.

We show respect and admiration to all the therapists, nurses and doctors!

We exert ourselves with all our possibilities to relieve you in your professional everyday life, so that you can experience your private life a little bit more.

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer KG

Esther Schulze-Windolf

As an interculturall experienced expert with a master’s degree in transcultural studies, Ms. Schulze-Windolf knows the requirements and processes of the Spanish market in depth.

It is a reassuring feeling for me as CEO to have Ms. Schulze-Windolf in my team with her many years of experience in internal sales, CRM, trilingual international correspondence as well as the care of international patients.

As Country Manager, Ms. Schulze-Windolf is responsible for all of our company’s activities in Spain and will safely guide your innovative products and all your company  activities in Spain.


Matthias Hörr

CEO, Matthias Hörr, Healthtechransfer KG

Entrepreneur, Business Development Manager, Strategist and Start-Up Enthusiast with broad experiences in healthcare business.

20 years of experience in the healthcare industry; lead marketing & sales for innovations; design business-, finance- and riskplans.

Initiate and lead transfer of breakthrough scientific developments; manage and establish labs to start pilot production in collaboration with industry partners and scientific institutions.

Abraham Beckers

Abraham Beckers, Healthtechtransfer, Manager

Multiple hands-on experiences in the conceptualization, design and implementation of green field operations as project manager, responsible of the integrated management system, LEAN expert, Site Manager and Managing Director.

International operational expertise in 3 PL and 4PL Supply Chain, Logistics, Distribution, Analytics. Recognized as Business Transformation professional with a track record in scaleup and standardization.

Brings knowledge and people together as an Integrator of innovations, attaining new processes and business models.

Ramona Maaßen

Picture and informations are coming soon.


We can provide a broad network to KOL, decision maker and direct market access to german clinics and rehab centers. We can also provide a network to industry partners to generate the advantage with excellence.

A great team and strong partners too!

Join our team!

Occupational therapists (m/f/d) – Baden-Wurttemberg / Lower Saxony /  Saxony-Anhalt

Healthtechtransfer KG specializes in transferring innovative solutions in the field of health management to the market.

The company acts as a sales partner and provides its many years of expertise, its network, as well as medical and technical knowledge.

Occupationaltherapist (m/f/d) Part-time (min. 20 hrs. /week)

It would be great to expand our company with you if you are enthusiastic about the use of new technologies in your field. You enjoy working closely with medical professionals, managers and specialists, and you are motivated to question the status quo in order to improve treatment processes.

For you, terms like shaping, traction or gamification, are exciting and you have a desire to introduce patients to use new technologies and train with them.

Your tasks:

  • Contacting clinics, rehabilitation centers, therapists* in private practice,
  • Referral to innovative rehabilitation systems,
  • Accompanying support of customers from university acute care clinics to rehabilitation clinics and local rehabilitation centers,
  • Conducting training sessions at clients‘ facilities,
  • Support of customers.

Your qualifications and achievements:

  • Completed professional training in occupational therapy or comparable studies
  • Pleasant personality with confidence in working with patients and clinic staff
  • Good computer skills,
  • Distinct service orientation,
  • Strong communication skills as well as a self-reliant way of working,
  • Possibility to work from home office.

Our offer and your perspective:

Healthtechtransfer KG offers you an interesting and varied field of activity with performance-related remuneration and social benefits.

It depends on what you prefer to do:

  • You are welcome to take up customer contact from home.
  • You can also do briefings from home and at the customer’s premises, or
  • You can be active mainly at the customer’s premises
  • Later expansion of responsibility is desired,
  • Attractive remuneration with a fixed and flexible component,
  • Training via digital media and the possibility to work safely from home are a matter of course for us.