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Market experience

To build up a new business unit or an innovative start-up is always interdisciplinary.


We provide our personal network to generate the advantage for your company.


With our longstanding respect with decision makers we know exactly what it needs to shorten your time for your market entrance.

 Our Approach

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Omnipresence of information

In times of the omnipresence of information a fast implementation approach is imperatively necessary for the company’s success.

Innovation is essential

We see the development of innovative solutions as essential to the success of the company.

Solution Development

We provide our interdisciplinary experience and specialist market and technology knowledge.

Our Services

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

Business Development

We take over the development of your business unit as well as the development of your company.

Scientific Product Development

Our partner is a scientific institute with scientists who have been awarded with the Nobel Prize in Physics. For the development of your innovative solutions, we can provide state-of-the-art laboratory technology.

Interim Management

We bring ourselves into your organization and take responsibility for the successful development.


To ensure that your innovations make it to market success, we bring our experience to bear in the financing of your projects.

ROBERT® can be used quickly and versatilely by physiotherapists and perform up to four consecutive therapeutic exercises with high repetitions.

With the very precise, graphic display, patients and therapistes can observe the exercises performed via the monitor!

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The set-up time required to programme ROBERT on patients is a maximum of only five minutes.

ROBERT® at german rehab centers and acute clinics!

Neurological rehab center of Hellmuth & Thiel in Potsdam

Rehabilitation, Potsdam, Berlin, Thiel

ROBERT is used, among other things, for the supportive treatment of patients with a neurological disease.

Lippoldsberg Clinic and Rehabilitation Center.

Lippoldsberg, Rehab center, Pinnau

Patients benefit from the many exercises with high repetitions that are possible with ROBERT.

Geriatric clinic in Enzkreis Kliniken Mühlacker.

Geriatrische Klinik Enzkreis Kliniken Mühlacker

This clinic belongs to the Enzkreis Kliniken gGmbH and uses ROBERT from July 2021.

Healthtechtransfer KG is your partner of ROBERT® in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


Artificial Intelligence for your rehab portfolio

Artificial Intelligence, AI, stroke, brain haemorrhage

Enables patients to continue with rehabilitation at home.

Artificial Intelligence, AI, stroke, brain haemorrhage


Dynamic arm support system with adjustable elbow support.

Provides 3D cursor abilities for software driven scripts.

32-channel transcranial stimulation system.

Portable, wireless, lightweight design.

2-channel EMG registration system that fits any hand.

2-channel bipolar/monopolar electrical muscle stimulation.

Up to 60 mA of stimulation current.

Customizable pulse shape and duration.

Neurological deficits frequently appear as a result of stroke, brain haemorrhage or craniocerebral trauma. A full therapy covers all stages from early rehabilitation to vocational reintegration.
Training at home after medical discharge is critical to achieve full rehabilitation.


Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

We are healthcare experts with broad experience in the area of the health economy. With our experience we are in the position to realise great things for you.

We provide all our motivation, all our knowledge and all our skills to transfer innovation to application.

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

To provide best healthcare solutions for the one who needs it most: The Patient

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

We also know what it means to be highly concentrated in working the whole day and the whole night in an OP, to save life.

We know the hard physical work which must be performed by therapists and nurses in rehab center and nursing homes to make everyday life again possible.

We show respect and admiration to all the therapists, nurses and doctors!

We exert ourselves with all our possibilities to relieve you in your professional everyday life, so that you can experience your private life a little bit more.

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer KG

Abraham Beckers

Abraham Beckers, Healthtechtransfer, Manager

Multiple hands-on experiences in the conceptualization, design and implementation of green field operations as project manager, responsible of the integrated management system, LEAN expert, Site Manager and Managing Director.

International operational expertise in 3 PL and 4PL Supply Chain, Logistics, Distribution, Analytics. Recognized as Business Transformation professional with a track record in scaleup and standardization.

Brings knowledge and people together as an Integrator of innovations, attaining new processes and business models.

Matthias Hörr

CEO, Matthias Hörr, Healthtechransfer KG

Entrepreneur, Business Development Manager, Strategist and Start-Up Enthusiast with broad experiences in healthcare business.

20 years of experience in the healthcare industry; lead marketing & sales for innovations; design business-, finance- and riskplans.

Initiate and lead transfer of breakthrough scientific developments; manage and establish labs to start pilot production in collaboration with industry partners and scientific institutions.


A great team and strong partners too!

We can provide a broad network to KOL, decision maker and direct market access to german clinics and rehab centers. We can also provide a network to industry partners to generate the advantage with excellence.

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