We transfer innovation to the market:

Healthtechtransfer KG

Healthcare experts

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

With our longstanding respect with decision makers your market entrance and sales time will shorten rapidly.

We can lead you to the handshake with your customers directly and know what they need to accept you as a trustful and sustainable service partner.

Market access

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

With our network to scientific institutions, university hospitals, manufacturing companies and further specialists, we generate revenue for your company.

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

Marketing & Sales

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

Our experience in marketing & sales as well as business development and human resource management covers your expectations and leads you to new markets.

From direct approach, the use of social media, data analytics and beyond: Marketing & Sales is completely customer centered.

Healthtechtransfer is your partner of ROBERT in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Contact us and request further information as well as an initial offer for your ROBERT®.

The use of ROBERT® can help to reduce the risk of infection!

Especially in times of increased protection against infections, the advantage of training patients directly in their bed, is convincing.

ROBERT® can be used quickly and versatilely by physiotherapists and perform up to four consecutive therapeutic exercises with high repetitions.

Take advantage of ROBERT®’s wide range of applications to relieve your employees, give them more protection against infection and continue to treat your patients optimally!

radioSURG® 2200 m/TP/TPA

The modern high-frequency radiosurgery devices from the manufacturer Meyer-Haake GmbH show impressive power output in the Megahertz range which allows „cold cuttingwithout any pressure, discoloration or creating necrosis.

Healthtechtransfer is your contact for the distribution of Meyer-Haake’s innovative products!

radioSURG® 2200 PT/PTA

The radioSURG® 2200 PT/PTA represent the newest generation of the Meyer-Haake devices and convince with a variety of unique selling points: 46 pre-programmed surgical settings from 8 different medical fields and additionally, the capability to save up to 25 different individual settings for the respective applications, in order to be able to work as usual any time.

RF-ReFacing® Procedure

With Meyer-Haake’s gentle RF-ReFacing® method, you can experience a pleasant and effective anti-aging treatment with radio waves without any pain and without a syringe or scalpel. The Beauty Treat device was specially developed for the RF-ReFacing® treatment and is approved for use in beauty salons and spas.

Metabolic Illnesses

On account of the expected potential as well as on account of the value of this scientific development we can provide more detailed information to this project.

Please do not hesitate to get in direct contact with us with +493853993480.

We give support to an enterprise in the area of the biotechnology on the way to the market entry.

The patented innovations of the enterprise carry the potential in themselves to open new and actual methods of treatment in the area of metabolic illnesses and to simplify present diagnostics procedures clearly.


Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

We are healthcare experts with broad experience in the area of the health economy. With our experience we are in the position to do great things for you.

We provide all our motivation, all our knowledge and all our skills to transfer innovation to application.

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

To provide best healthcare solutions for the one who needs it most: The Patient

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

We also know what it means to be highly concentrated in working the whole day and the whole night in an OP, to save life.

We know the hard physical work which must be performed by therapists and nurses in rehab center and nursing homes to make everyday life again possible.

We show respect and admiration to all the therapists, nurses and doctors!

We exert ourselves with all our possibilities to relieve you in your professional everyday life, so that you can experience your private life a little bit more.

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

For the further expansion of business relations with our customers, we are searching for people who want to join us to transfer innovations to the market.

Your future position in

North Rhine-Westphalia and Berlin/Brandenburg

Sales Representative (m/w/d)

is waiting for you.

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

Healthtechtransfer is a young company that specializes in the development of sales and service structures in the field of the healthcare industry, taking over the distribution of innovative solutions.

Through our ever-growing network of physiotherapists, decision-makers in clinics and rehabilitation centres, as well as established doctors, we are able to position our customers‘ solutions on the market quickly and precisely.

Your future role:
– Distribution of innovative medical systems
– Advising clients, including on technical issues
– Presentation of new products
– Instruction of customers in the application
– Building and developing trusting partnerships

Your profile:
– You like to work independently
– and can organize and motivate yourself well
– Sales experience in the healthcare industry
– Technical, commercial or medical education
– We also offer newcomers the opportunity to join our team

Our offer:
– Flexible compensation system
– Flexible working hours
– Employment can be adapted to your current life situation
– Activity from the home office
– The position can be carried out part-time
– We promote your professional advancement with individual trainings
– The application of severely disabled persons or disabled persons on an equal footing is desirable

We look forward to receiving your complete application documents (work certificates, income presentation, earliest possible date of entry)


Matthias Hörr

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