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Healthtechtransfer is your sales partner of Life Science Robotics ApS for the German market.

Healthtechtransfer accepts your orders and wishes for the German market with his team. We are glad about a great cooperation with the team of Life Science Robotics ApS in Aalborg, Denmark.

We present to you ROBERT in your medical centre or your therapy centre on site personally. Call us immediately under +493853993480 and agree on an appointment with us!

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ROBERT has presented its solutions for early mobilization at REHA Symposium of BG Clinics in Ludwigshafen.

REHA-Symposium of the BG Clinics: Like a big family!

It was a great pleasure for us to present ROBERT’s wide range of applications to such a large and interested audience at this year’s REHA Symposium of employers’ liability insurances and clinics.

The positive feedback from the representatives of the professional associations and from the leading doctors of the employers liability clinics has shown us that there is a strong interest in using ROBERTs innovative solution in the early stages of rehabilitation. 

Many of the therapists who were present have tried ROBERTs usability and have been enthusiatic by the relief ROBERT brings to her daily work. It has shown that there is a strong need to use ROBERT from the point of view of medicine and also from the point of view of therapy as well as from the point of view of the insurance companies.

We would like to thank all those who tried ROBERT at our stand and discussed with us the possibilities of use, the financing and the potential he has.

We are now looking forward to give support with ROBERT to therapists in their daily work, to provide patients with a greater number of therapeutic treatments and to help reduce cost development in the health care.

Your scincerely,
Matthias Hörr
CEO at Healthtechtransfer

Physical and medical rehabilitation experts have been impressed by ROBERT in Munich!

What a great event!

The Congress of the German Society for Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine has been a great success for ROBERT!

With its wide range of applications, ROBERT is able to support therapists in their daily work and to enable patients to receive the earliest possible rehabilitation. With his three-axis movement possibilities, he was able to convince the professional audience during the three-day event.

Due to its easy handling, ease of use and the possibility of manoeuvring on the spot, corresponding arguments could be refuted. The rapid cleaning of ROBERT after use on a patient has also been accepted.

Those who took ROBERT into their own hands these days to try out its smoothness handling were impressed by it and by the relief they receive from ROBERT in their daily work.

Several decision-makers are interested in ROBERT and are looking forward to a presentation in their clinics and rehabilitation centers.

15th of August 2019: ROBERT has signed his first contract in Germany!

ROBERT has signed his first contract at the German market!

With the Rehabilitation Clinic of the Medical University of Hannover (MHH), a highly experienced partner in the field of rehabilitation, could be gained.

This collaboration, led by the Chief Physician and Head of Department of the Clinic for Rehabilitation Medicine, Univ. Prof. Dr. Christoph Gutenbrunner, provides ROBERT´S technical and medical capabilities to those who urgently need them:

The patients and the physiotherapists who apply ROBERT in their daily use.

Life Science Robotics and Healthtechtransfer are looking forward to a successful cooperation with Univ. Prof. Dr. Gutenbrunner and his team around the clinic manager, Mr. Dipl.-Soc.-Sc.. and Dipl.-Päd. Christoph Egen, from the Rehabilitation Clinic at Hannover Medical School.

ROBERT shortens hospital stays, reduces costs and spares your staff!


An essential aspect for a quick and successful return in the occupation and the private life is the earliest possible beginning of the rehabilitation.


ROBERT supports the nursing staff in the everyday hard and dedicated work and lowers the medical risk.


The concurrent treatment of several patients is allowed by the application of ROBERT and it becomes shorter the duration of treatment on account of the minimisation of the medical risk at the same time.

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Meyer-Haake was founded in 1981 and has earned a globally recognized name as a developer of innovative products. The company has been certified as a medical device manufacturer since 1995. In cooperation with physicians, university clinics and engineers, it has become clear from the outset that only devices that work in the megahertz sector can meet the high requirements of users. The developed technology convinces by its pressureless and very precise handling as well as by its patient-friendly results.

radioSURG® 2200 m/TP/TPA

The modern high-frequency radiosurgery devices from the manufacturer Meyer-Haake GmbH show impressive power output in the Megahertz range which allows „cold cutting“ without any pressure, discoloration or creating necrosis.

The use of Meyer-Haake’s systems means for your patients for example, that after a blepharoplasty of the upper and lower lids, they are very quickly presentable again, as high-frequency technology hardly forms hematomas.

radioSURG® 2200 PT/PTA

The radioSURG® 2200 PT/PTA represent the newest generation of the Meyer-Haake devices and convince with a variety of unique selling points: a user-friendly touchscreen interface, the ability to document the entire operation process in txt format on a USB-stick, full operation of the device with hand pieces and the multi-function foot pedal – without even touching the device itself! 46 pre-programmed surgical settings from 8 different medical fields and additionally, the capability to save up to 25 different individual settings for the respective applications, in order to be able to work as usual any time.

RF-ReFacing® Procedure

With Meyer-Haake’s gentle RF-ReFacing® method, you can experience a pleasant and effective anti-aging treatment with radio waves without any pain and without a syringe or scalpel. Without disturbing visual skin changes such as swelling or hematomas, your face will be rejuvenated and your body will be tightened. The Beauty Treat device was specially developed for the RF-ReFacing® treatment and is approved for use in beauty salons and spas.

Healthtechtransfer is your contact for the distribution of Meyer-Haake’s innovative products! We will introduce you personally to the devices, instruct you personally in the handling and are available for all questions about the products and their application. It is best to contact us now and make a first demo appointment with us in your practice.

Your team of Healthtechtransfer!

Your direct contact: +493853993480


Metabolic Illnesses

We support an enterprise in the area of the biotechnology on the way to the market entry.

The patented innovations of the enterprise carry the potential in themselves to open new and actual methods of treatment in the area of metabolic illnesses and to simplify present diagnostics procedures clearly.

On account of the expected potential as well as on account of the value of this scientific development we can provide more detailed information to this project.

Please do not hesitate to get in direct contact with us with +493853993480.

With kind regards,
Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

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