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Healthcare Specialists

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

Our experience in Marketing & Sales, Business Development, HR, Logistic and IP-Management, covers your expectations and leads you to new markets.

Direct access to your Customers

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

With our network to scientific institutions, university hospitals, manufacturing companies and further specialists, we generate revenue for your company.

With our longstanding respect with decision makers your product development and sales time will shorten rapidly.

One-Stop Partner for your Business

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

Broad and deep specialist experiences to accelerate your business as your trustful one-stop partner.

Market entry

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

When technology and knowledge become a commodity, the ability to come up with a customer centered design that generates sustainable partnership, is more likely to add value.

New Silk Road

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

More than 60 countries participate and more than 200 enterprises have already signed contracts alongside this road. Be also present and profit from our network alongside the Belt and Road Initiative!

Sure Market Access

For big challenges you need experienced experts: Healthtechtransfer

We know about your requirements. Every source of error from ip-management via marketing and sales campaigns to supply chain has to be avoided and treated as a risk.

Marketing & Sales Specialists

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

We can lead you to the handshake with your customers directly and know what they need to accept you as a trustful and sustainable service partner.

From direct approach, the use of social media, data analytics and beyond: Marketing & Sales is completely customer centered.

3D Interaction Technology

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

The virtual 3D models convey a lifelike impression of how a product is composed and used. The 3D object and its parts can be explored by rotating, zooming or starting selected activities. Healthtechtransfer enables you with individual solutions in the area of the digital interaction between you and your customers into the situation to be able to adapt yourself to the wishes of your customers in a fast way.

Interactive Campaigns

VR, AI, Customer journey, experience

Traditional marketing & sales activities are going to transform to social media campaigns and interactive product presentations. We support you throughout the entire process.

Optimized terms and leasing rates

For efficiency in the expiries and a constantly high care quality above all the most modern technology is asked. For your house that means ever shorter innovation cycles with considerable cost and long amortisation time.

Adapt the terms and leasing rates to the use of your objects!

Flexibility at the ward and in your practice

The treatment and care of patients and nursing home inhabitants becomes more and more expansive. With the leasing model of our leasing partner, you can e.g. calculate with concrete case figures and pay only one agreed leasing fee per patient. Their advantage: a high planning security with regard to the costs to be calculated per treatment.

Use the solution which orientates itself by your actual patient’s number!

Tailormade financing model

Quality and economic efficiency are the best medicine for your practise or your hospital. New methods of treatment and a high-class care are possible only with the most modern technology and equipment.

We make costly therapy and diagnosis instruments for practise, medical centres, nursing homes and old people’s homes payable.


Matthias Hörr, CEO

Abraham Beckers, CDO

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