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Direct feedback

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

Our team has the expertise and knows how to launch your business in a fast way. You can receive the feedback directly from your future customers.

Our aim is to let customers profit from your developments. We help you to bring your meaningful innovation on the market.

Customer journey

Our customer: Demandingly, critically, successfully

You need a business partner with a strong personal network in healthcare business, who uses newest technologies and who has got the experience to set up the best strategy for you: Healthtechtransfer

Reduce expenses

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

Money and Time: The prolific disposability of information have a strong impact on these two basic factors.

With our expertise, our technologies and our network you´ll have a quick market feedback and market entry to accelerate your business.



Healthcare experts

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

We can develop future-oriented products with you, visualize complete manufacturing sites with efficient and newest planning tools, besides, start the distribution and initiate the develop of a comprehensive logistic and personnel management system.

Scientific network

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

With our longstanding international experience in Marketing & Sales, HR-Management, Contract & IP-Management, Engineering and Logistic, we want to be your one-stop and business partner who can lead you to new markets.

For generations

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

We can initiate scientific collaboration between enterprise of every scale and scientific research facilities, accompany them and transfer the results in to practise.



Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

Healthtechtransfer is involved in an honourary capacity in innovative organisations to let flow in our knowledge and our experience onto the development of trendsetting technologies and business models.

On this way we contribute to it, that health-economic solutions find the way to application through the interdisciplinary, intercultural and international exchange.

High Tech Campus Eindhoven – Turning Technology into Business

High Tech Campus Eindhoven is the smartest km² in The Netherlands with more than 160 companies and institutes, and some 11,000 researchers, developers and entrepreneurs working on developing future technologies and products.

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

Life Science Nord – Together for innovative medicine

Life Science Nord strengthens the value chain in the region and has established itself as one of the leading life science networks in Europe. In over 500 biotech/pharma and medical technology companies and numerous research institutes, 49,900 highly qualified professionals develop innovative medicines, medical products and services in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein.

Health Valley Netherlands – Strengthening the power of innovation

Health Valley Netherlands is the biggest Life Sciences & Health innovation network in the Netherlands. The network unites companies, care organisations, knowledge institutes and authorities, and enables them to grow stronger together. Whether we’re providing developers with care needs and requirements or delivering innovations to the patient: we bring technology to the care sector, together.

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

Exchange platform in 3D-printing for user and experts

Professor Claus Emmelmann, director of the institute of the Fraunhofer equipment for additive production technologies IAPT, makes clear: „With the 3D-printing it is not simply therefore, print instead of milling or drilling. It goes around quite new, up to now with conventional manufacturing processes not realizable design options with the component construction. This means a paradigm change: Away from to “Design for Manufacturing” to a “Manufacturing for design…”


To provide best healthcare solutions for the one who needs it most: The Patient.

We are healthcare experts and know every surface inch in the area of the health economy. With our experience we are in the position to do great things for you. To answer your questions e.g. in the field of financial services or regulatory affairs, we cooperate with specialists.

We also know what it means to be highly concentrated in working the whole day and the whole night in an OP, to save life.

We know the hard physical work which must be performed by therapists and nurses in rehab center and nursing homes to make everyday life again possible.

We show respect and admiration to all these people!

We exert ourselves with all our possibilities to relieve you in your professional everyday life, so that you can experience your private life a little bit more.

Our mission is to transfer innovative solutions in the market.

We provide all our motivation, all our knowledge and all our skills to transfer innovation to application.

Yours, Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer


Matthias Hörr

Matthias Hörr, CEO at Healthtechtransfer

As an educated paramedic, state certified technician and graduated business psychologist I can provide you many years of experience in healthcare business. As a project manager I led projects for international investors, as a strategy consultant I sold innovations abroad and as a headhunter I recruited specialists for leading positions. The enterprise of Healthtechtransfer has originated from personal experiences, from many years of professional experience and the consideration of interfaces in the health service.

Healthtechtransfer has been created to offer the access to the best possible health achievement to people of every race, every religion, every gender, every age and every nation, as we have them today and develop for the future.

Matthias Hörr, CEO, Healthtechtransfer

Abraham Beckers

CTO at Healthtechtransfer

With a background of 30 years of experience as a manager in Germanys most renowned corporations, Mr. Beckers has led projects also in quality management, logistics and warehouse management.

As a general management e.g. he was responsible to establish international manufacturing sites and subsidiaries from abroad.

Transition is movement in all different directions, where complexity demands simplification without losing the eye for details. We focus on organizational design and evolved communication. Real-time data are the basis for Smart Automation, Smart autonomation and SMART Organization. We help you to understand and make the right decisions.

With over 30 years experience in service organizations it all comes down to level technology and processes in order to improve the organization’s adaptivity to a high demanding and fast developing environment. We are completely customer focused, aiming for real JUMPS in innovation, not leaving any employees and managers behind.

Abraham Beckers, CDO at Healthtechtransfer


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